Ceylon Fishery Harbours Corporation

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  • Manager (Civil Engineering)
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer (Planning & Designing
  • Construction)
  • Marine Engineer

Job Description

Are you a skilled and experienced engineer looking for a new opportunity? Look no further than Ceylon Fishery Harbours Corporation! We are currently seeking qualified individuals to join our team in various engineering positions. As a leader in the fishing industry, our company values innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. We are looking for a Manager (Civil Engineering) to oversee our construction projects and ensure compliance with safety regulations. Additionally, we are seeking an Electrical Engineer to maintain and improve our electrical systems, and a Civil Engineer with expertise in planning, designing, and construction. If you have a passion for the marine industry, our Marine Engineer position may be the perfect fit for you. Join our dynamic team and make a positive impact on the fishing industry. Apply now and take your engineering career to the next level with Ceylon Fishery Harbours Corporation.