National Water Supply & Drainage Board

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  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Information Technology Technician

Job Description

National Water Supply & Drainage Board is seeking highly skilled and motivated individuals to join our team in the roles of Maintenance Engineer and Information Technology Technician. As a leading institution in the water supply and drainage industry, we are committed to providing reliable and efficient services to our customers. As a Maintenance Engineer, you will be responsible for overseeing the maintenance and repair of our water supply and drainage systems. You will work closely with our team to ensure the smooth operation of our facilities and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. The Information Technology Technician will play a crucial role in managing our IT systems and ensuring their functionality. You will be responsible for installing and maintaining hardware and software, as well as providing technical support to our employees. If you have a strong background in engineering or IT and are passionate about making a difference in the community, we encourage you to apply for these exciting opportunities. Join us at National Water Supply & Drainage Board and be a part of our mission to provide sustainable water solutions for all.